Harrison Dolphin

Harrison is a jazz guitarist based in Greenwich, London.

“Harrison Dolphin has a beautiful sound and touch on the guitar, at times almost making it sound like a horn. His feel and harmonic sophistication make him one of the most outstanding young guitarists to come out of the UK in a long time, he’s got a bright future ahead of him.”

Grant Stewart

“Being in the company of young guitar virtuoso Harrison Dolphin, you are very quickly struck by his startling chord work and intriguing effortless single note runs. Above all, his ability to convey his interpretations of the classic standards in a relaxed but groovy way draws the listener in and is utterly compelling. In his hands the guitar doesn’t need any accompaniment. It’s the complete package.”

Nigel Price

“Harrison Dolphin is a major new force in the art and profession of jazz guitar who celebrates all the finest qualities of our music in his work. He is a talent to watch, to listen to, and to admire, and his future in jazz at the highest level is already assured.”

Digby Fairweather

In late September 2019, Harrison was nominated for the British Jazz Awards under the ‘Rising Star’ category.